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Jes Consultancy

Your guide through your entire welding process

Jes Consultancy

Your guide through your entire welding process

Experts in welding coordination, engineering & inspection

Welcome to Jes Consultancy, your partner for welding coordination, engineering and inspection. Our experienced team of welding engineers is ready to support your business. Whether it is storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines, piping systems or steel structures, thanks to us, your welding processes and organisation will meet the strictest quality standards to build structures.

In terms of welding engineering, our engineers have extensive knowledge to design welding joints that meet your expectations. During a welding inspection, we check that all joints are correct and comply with applicable regulations.

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Our services

Welding engineering

Welding engineering is crucial to ensure the safety of welded joints. Make sure to read more about it on this page.



To keep your welding company’s quality and efficiency on point, we are happy to visit you for inspections and quality checks.


We guarantee welding coordination according to the EN ISO 14731 standard. We will appoint a qualified welding coordinator for you.


The importance of quality in the welding industry

At Jes Consultancy, we understand the importance of quality assurance and control in the welding industry. That is why we offer equally QA/QC services for pressure vessels, pipelines, piping systems and steel structures.

Regardless of whether we realise a small or large project, we always guarantee our customers a personal approach with sufficient consults. As an independent partner, we look for the right solution for your industry.

Interested in a collaboration? Make sure to make an appointment today. We are not only active in Belgium, but also on the international market. We hope to hear from you soon!

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